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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Road Rash 2

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Game Name : Road Rash 2
System : Genesis
Date Added : 2005-01-24 13:25:31
Views : 27742

Super Punch
If you want a more powerful hit, hold the C button and up, then wait till you get close to a rasher and let go.

Select Any Bike With $50,000
Ultra Light
Shuriken 400 26GH 100A
Panda 50027GH 120D
Shuriken TT 250 26HH 140F
Panda 90027HH 160I
Banzai 7.11 26GG P90A

Nitro Class
Banzai 600N 27GG PB0D
Banzai 750N 26HG 1D0N
Shuriken 1000N 27HG PF0I
Banzai 7.11N26GH 1H0R
Diablo 1000N27GH PJ0M

Super Bikes
Panda 60026HH PL0O
Banzai 600 27HH 1N03
Banzai 750 26GG PO0P
Shuriken 100027GG 1Q04
Diablo 1000 26HG 1S06
Wild Thing 2000 27HG 1U09
Wild Thing 2000: Last Level 27HG 5UF2

ALASKA/$2,000: 00D8 110N
TENNESSEE/$4,000: 035P 1130
ARIZONA/$5,000: 02J0 117G
VERMONT/$6,000: 02U9 10F5

ALASKA/$3,250: 05BH QIOS
HAWAII/$5,250: 038B 1MIV
TENNESSEE/$7,250: 041Q AN33
ARIZONA/$9,250: 05RB 2N73
VERMONT/$11,250: 06IR QMFC

ALASKA/$4,500: 08DA 3NOP
HAWAII/$8,500: 0AUB 3M1D
TENNESSEE/$12,500: 06A4 3C30
VERMONT/$20,500: 0DE5 RCF8

ALASKA/$11,500: 0G04 KC0K
HAWAII/$17,500: 09ET C918
TENNESSEE/$23,500: 0DQD 4932
ARIZONA/$29,500: 0J4T 4976
VERMONT/$35,500: ONGD 49FE

TENNESSEE/$38,500: 0M44 5J3L
VERMONT/$58,500: 25U5 5JFD

Help Police Officer Catch Biker
Get busted so many times till you can't pay the fine then the officer will ask you to catch a biker select "yes".

Easy Money
For a cool $2,620,000, try this. At the beginning of the game, go directly to the pasword screen and change the first four digits of the password already there to E430, but do not change the last four digits. By the way, to get $2800, use these digits for the first four spaces of your password: 034E. But don't change the rest.

How to Mark Tracks as Qualified
Select the appropriate value for the 7th character then experiment with the 8th character until the password is accepted. For example, to qualify on all tracks but Arizona, the value 10111 is required, which translates to an "N" (see description above). Change the 7th character to "N" then find an 8th character that works.

How to Get More Money
To increase the amount of money you have by tens of thousands of dollars, increase the value in character 1 in increments of 2 and decrease the value in character 2 by the same amount (you must adjust both to allow the checksum value in the 8th character to remain valid).

How to Select a Different Bike
Increase the 6th character in steps of 2 and decrease the 4th character by the same amount. This will also slightly reduce your money, but it allows the checksum value (character 8) to remain valid. To select the undocumented bike named "Wild Thing", you must be on the intro bike, set the 6th character to "V", then increase the 4th character by 2.

How to Increase Level
Increase the 5th character by 1 to 4 (to a maximum value of 5) and also increase the 8th character by the same amount. If you get "Password Invalid", try changing the 8th character until it works.

The Structure
Each of the eight password characters is a 5-bit value represented by the characters "0" (00000) through "V" (11111).

The first four characters of the password how much money you have in units of $10. Only the high-order 4 bits of each of these characters are used; the use of the low-order bit is unknown, but it contributes to the checksum in the 8th character.

The 5th character indicates the current level (1-5) in the low order three bits.

The 6th character indicates one of the 16 available bikes in the high-order 4 bits as a value from 0 (intro bike) to 15 (binary 1111, "Wild Thing," available only through a special startup sequence or via the password).

The 7th character indicates the tracks on which you have qualified in the order (high bit to low bit) Vermont, Arizona, Tennessee, Hawaii and Alaska.

The 8th character is a checksum.

Bonus Bike
At the title screen, press and hold Up + A + C or Left + B + C, then press START. You'll receive a super bike, the "Wild Thing 2000." Alternatively, enter the password "00DA 1V0N."

Bike Select
To get your pick of bikes in any race, try this. Go to "Mano A Mano", then have both players select their bikes. Return to the Options screen and set the game to "Take Turns". If you did this right, both players should have their chosen bikes.

For a one-player game, perform the same procedure, but when you leave the Options screen, go back to it and set the game to "One Player".

Bike Passwords
Shuriken 400 ( 26GH 100A )
Panda 500 ( 27GH 120D )
Shuriken TT 250 ( 26HH 14OF )
Diablo 1000 ( 26HG 1S06 )

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